Professional Courses

Cisco Certified Network Associates Course

Course Details

  • Introduction to TCP/IP Transport and Applications

  • Basic IPv4 Access Control Lists

  • Advanced IPv4 Access Control Lists

  • Security Services

  • Security Architectures

  • Securing Network Devices

  • Implementing Switch Port Security

  • Implementing DHCP

  • DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection

  • IP Services

  • Device Management Protocols

  • Network Address Translation

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Miscellaneous IP Services

  • Network Architecture

  • LAN Architecture

  • WAN Architecture

  • Cloud Architecture

  • Network Automation

  • Introduction to Controller-Based Networking

  • Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA)

  • Understanding REST and JSON

  • Understanding Ansible, Puppet, and Chef

CCNP Enterprise Core

Course Details

  • Examining Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture

  • Understanding Cisco Switching Paths

  • Implementing Campus LAN Connectivity

  • Building Redundant Switched Topology

  • Implementing Layer 2 Port Aggregation

  • Understanding EIGRP

  • Implementing OSPF

  • Optimizing OSPF

  • Exploring EBGP

  • Implementing Network Redundancy

  • Implementing NAT

  • Introducing Virtualization Protocols and Techniques

  • Understanding Virtual Private Networks and Interfaces

  • Understanding Wireless Principles

  • Examining Wireless Deployment Options

  • Understanding Wireless Roaming and Location Services

  • Examining Wireless AP Operation

  • Understanding Wireless Client Authentication

  • Troubleshooting Wireless Client Connectivity

  • Introducing Multicast Protocols

  • Introducing QoS

  • Implementing Network Services

  • Using Network Analysis Tools

  • Implementing Infrastructure Security

  • Implementing Secure Access Control

  • Understanding Enterprise Network Security Architecture

  • Exploring Automation and Assurance Using Cisco DNA Center

  • Examining the Cisco SD-Access Solution

  • Understanding the Working Principles of the Cisco SD-WAN Solution

  • Understanding the Basics of Python Programming

  • Introducing Network Programmability Protocols

  • Introducing APIs in Cisco DNA Center and vManage

Web Design Programming Course

Course Details

  • Web Design basic with HTML , Javascript

  • Web design with photoshop

  • Programming with OOP Concept

Wed design Development Course

Course Details

  • Coming Soon