Language Courses

JLPT N5,N4 & N3 Courses

Course Details

  • JLPT N5/N4/N3 Hiragana

  • JLPT N5/N4/N3 Katakana

  • JLPT N5/N4/N3 Kanji

  • JLPT N5/N4/N3 Daily Conversation

JFT Course

Course Details

  • Word Meaning

  • Word Usage

  • Kanji Reading

  • Kanji Meaning and Usage

  • Grammar

  • Expression

  • Comprehending Content (conversation)

  • Comprehending Content (communicating at shops and public places)

  • Comprehending Content (listening to announcements and instructions)

  • Reading Comprehension(Around 15 questions)

  • Information Search

JFT Kaigo Course

Course Details

  • Understanding the structure of the human body

  • Nursing care related to assistance in walking/lifting/transferring

  • Nursing care at mealtimes

  • Nursing care related to toilet needs

  • Nursing care at the time of putting on/taking off clothes

  • Nursing care related to bathing/keeping clean

  • Daily communication in Japanese

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